Shift, Reorient, Refocus, Reaffirm

    Shift, Reorient, Refocus, Reaffirm

Shweta Sharma – Instructional Designer, Content Specialist

Post Graduate (Political Science), Systems Engineer (Computers), Writer, Business English Writing Expert, Life Coach, Executive Coach, Writing Coach.

Who We Are

Welcome to Optimistiquee Worldwide, your one-stop shop for a variety of services. I am providing resolution to people with manyfold services. I provide corporate training in business English writing, life coaching, executive coaching, and writing coaching to people of all ages. I am a certified person in coaching and carry a wide experience in business English Writing for providing you the training. Have a vast corporate background and can coach people in a variety of services. I conduct online (virtual) as well as offline (in-person) training. I perceive to have clients all over the world and am well-trained in many areas of expertise. I can speak to you in Hindi and English. My majority target audience comprises people in corporates, schools, and universities. But I do cater to people from all walks of life providing life coaching services to them. Corporate training in the field of executive training and motivational training; school and universities in the domain of English writing, that’s my forte.

Work Expertise

Worked in various genres of writing: Technical Writing, Instructional Designing, Content writing, Web Content writing, Article writing, marketing collateral specialist, and writing one-liner for the software products.

Main work expertise includes developing training materials for the big corporate houses:

  • Creating writing work or Storyboards for e-learning platforms (Instructor-led training, Online training, Web-based training, Virtual Instructor-led training, Computer-based Learnings.
  • Creating Storyboards for Mobile learnings
  • Making Application Products Simulations
  • Creating RFPs (Request for Proposals)
  • Creating marketing collaterals (Newsletters, Flyers, Brochures) (Content)
  • Creating user manuals
  • Creating one-liners for many of the company products
  • Editing and proofreading of documentation
  • Creating videos/demos in Captivate for many of the company products
  • Giving demos on the company products to various clients
  • Worked on the content of the company websites
  • Creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Working on the translation as well (from English to Hindi)

Contact Us

  • New Delhi, India
  • Phone:
    +919718436317, +91-9811646366
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